Aquaculture Species

The following marine species have been identified as suitable for aquaculture in Seychelles:

Pearl oyster

Pinctada margaritifera

There is one existing farm on Praslin. There is an opportunity for further pearl farms to develop.


Mud crab

Scylla serrata

A land based method of farming which grows mud crabs for seafood.

Fact sheet still to be finalized

Sea cucumber

Holothuria scabra

A popular seafood in Asia, sea cucumbers can be ranched. There is currently an exisinig wild harvest sea cucumber value chain in Seychelles.

sea urchin.png

Sea urchin

Tripneustes gratilla

The gonads (uni) are eaten as a delicacy in Asia. Farming of sea urchins can take place on land or in boxes in the ocean.

emperor snapper.png

Emperor snapper

Lutjanus sebae

An indigenous finfish species

mangrove snapper.png

Mangrove snapper

Lutjanus argentimaculatus

An indigenous finfish species generally seen in mangrove and inter-tidal zones.

brown marbled grouper.png

Brown marbled grouper

Epinephelus fuscoguttatus

An indigenous finfish species 

ornamental fish.png


Various species

Aquarium trade is growing in popularity globally and captive breeding of fish, sea horses, seaweed and coral is one component of the sector. This will be a land based activity.