Short-term Actions

ESIA Approval

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Plan Reports were submitted in November 2016 to the Seychelles Government for authorization. A Notice of Acceptance was issued from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change on 9 February 2017.

Gazetting of Legislation

Once the ESIA & EMP report have been issued with a record of decision, the regulatory framework will be submitted to government for review and gazetting. The framework includes the following policies and standards:

  • Seychelles National Aquaculture Policy

  • Marine Aquaculture and Sea-Ranching Regulations

  • Aquaculture license and lease application forms developed

  • Guidelines for development of aquaculture business plan

  • Application process

  • Fees and levies

  • Monitoring and reporting requirements

  • Marine Aquaculture License (template)

  • Standard license conditions

  • Aquaculture License Special Conditions: Bi-valve hatchery & grow-out

  • Aquaculture License Special conditions: Finfish hatchery

  • Aquaculture License Special conditions: Finfish grow-out in cages

  • Aquaculture License Special conditions: Ornamental fish and coral

  • Aquaculture License Special conditions: Pearl farming

  • Aquaculture License Special conditions: Sea cucumbers

Construction of Broodstock Facility

A broodstock quarantine and acclimation facility has been given planning approval and construction of the facility has begun. Phase 1 completion of the construction is planned for 2019. The facility will hold the indigenous fin fish from the Seychelles ocean and will be used for spawning (breeding).

Capture of Broodstock

Once the broodstock facility is completed, the sexually mature broodstock will need to be caught in local waters and transported back to Providance for quarantine and acclimation. 

These broodstock will be used for spawning, aquaculture production and subsequent research in the future.

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