WAS Conference 2017.

The WORLD AQUACULTURE SOCIETY CONFERENCE 2017 was held for the first time in South Africa,from the 27 to 30 June 2017 ,which saw the involvement of countries throughout Africa and from around the globe. The event saw around delegates from 100 countries(including Seychelles) gathering at Cape Town’s International Convention Centre to draw the world’s attention to aquaculture production and its potential to aid in socio-economic development, the theme was "Sustainable aquaculture"

The main goal of the conference was to promote sustainable aquaculture,and the conference highlighted the potential of aquaculture production with the aim of supporting economic development and investment opportunities in Africa.

The aqua-forum also set the stage for producers to share valuable information on new developments as well as various challenges and techniques.

It was hosted by the Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa and the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the World Aquaculture Society is on course to present another first-class aquaculture conference. Individuals comprising a wide variety of sectors including academic, government and commercial, gathered to discuss research and findings in order to promote sustainable aquaculture.

Running concurrently with a major international trade show, the 2017 World Aquaculture Society conference focused on many interests in the field of aquaculture,The conference acted as an ideal opportunity to learn, allowing for information exchange and allowed for networking with leading entrepreneurs, industry specialists and influential policy-makers.

The trade Show had over 90 exhibitors and featuring 70 sessions which took place over four days, covering a diverse selection of aquaculture-related topics and

speakers, as well as a dedicated poster session.

The most interesting talk that I found the most interesting was the fin fish aquaculture were it showcased the different ways to farm fin fish, the different types of feed, the effects it may pose on the environment, its benefits and promote sustainable fin fish aquaculture.

There were several countries like Mauritius, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia which is trying to develop the aquaculture sector.

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