National Day Fair La Digue 2019

Aquaculture itself is something new to us Seychellois, and main aim of the activity in a way was to educate and provide some information to the citizens of La Digue, on how aquaculture is going to develop in Seychelles and the many opportunities it can provide if someone is interested in starting an aquaculture business. Other departments also from SFA, which included the Research Section and others also participated to also provide information on their respective department and what the SFA has to offer.

The duration of the fair lasted for 2 Days in which the reception was good, we managed to get a few people who were interested in SFA and lots of children and some adults which was due to some display we had which included 2 aquarium, one which displayed the coastal habitats and the types of sea life that can be found close to the coast, the other is where we showcased a Mud Crab which is one of the species that we are interested in, we also had a huge plastic container were we displayed a miniature version of what a sea cage would look like when it is placed.

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